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Silent Screams

He folded my arms and tied them tight as my legs kept on kicking him away. He seized my legs and tied them next, tighter than they tie the animal to be sacrificed.

My helpless body kept on resisting him and my mouth kept on screaming hard, hoping someone could save this drowning soul. He undressed every cloth he wore enjoying my helplessness. He found pleasure in my misery.

He crawled towards me like a lion walks towards his prey, only he were a lion but in his own world. He laughed at me as if having accomplished something, his breath smelled all of disgust.

He pulled my hair, pulling me closer as I spit everything I had on his tainted face. He slapped me harder, I lost a tooth or two. But he came on to me again, this time choking a cloth in my mouth.

I begged him to stop, but he seemed to enjoy my prayer. For he kept on coming harder and harder with every plea. Intimacy would make me feel like a woman I thought, but I felt like a toy. The way he handled my body proved it every second.

I had never sensed anything that sort inside me. With every passing moment I could feel my heart beat slower, I was losing the will to survive.

None of that affected him. I was shocked by the extent people can go to satisfy their needs. He stopped for a while and I thought I was free. But he only came on stronger.

I defined a new level of pain that moment. I could hear my bones crack as he thrust his fingers into my skin. He moaned out of pleasure as I moaned in sorrow.

It’s strange how a moment can mean different to people. I lost everything I had in that moment, but he seemed to have added a badge in his jar. He put on clothes and my bruised body was relieved.


I died a few moments back.

He pulled the cloth out of my mouth and threw me a sheet. I tried to gather my body under it, saving the little that was left of me. I looked around but even the walls looked away. They must have been ashamed of what they have witnessed.

I tried to gather a word, begging for one last plea. But words deserted me that night, just like many other things.

Locking the door he walked away.Taking all the colors with him. The world seemed black and white through my swollen eyes.

Soon tears deserted me too. And all I was left with was my screams, echoing in my head. Those screams, I knew would be stuck with me for a lifetime.

And the only thing I wanted was my heart beats to desert me.

I wanted to be dead…

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