This is a sad dog.

Saying Goodbye To My Online Bio.

When I signed up for Twitter nearly a decade ago I was forced to create a bio. Brevity was key and so was my desire to some day be Iron Man. I started typing and what came out has been my standard bio everywhere online since:

Part time super hero. Maybe.

But the time has come to change this sentence. The sad truth is that I’m not a part time super hero. I’m a full time super hero.

Not really.

When it comes down to it, “I think, I write, I am.” Is that a little pretentious?


What about, “I’m not a writer but I play one online?” That’s good, but would people get the reference? Eh. Does it even matter?

How about something from reality? “Full time minister. Part time writer. Even fuller time second guesser.”

No. Who likes reality?

The truth is I actually changed my online bio about a week ago. I’m just getting around to notifying the world because Todd Hannula happened to notice. My new online bio is simply:

Purveyor of happiness.

It has a certain, panache. It also clearly illustrates that I do, in fact, sell happiness via my new publication, Happiness Weekly.

It will probably stick around for awhile. Maybe a decade or so until I get bored again.

Or I actually become Iron Man.