Publication Spotlight #01:

The Bigger Picture

Welcome to Publication Spotlights, our bi-weekly column featuring new and relatively small Medium publications that we feel are definitely worth reading and following.

Our first Spotlight is a publication you may or may not have heard: The Bigger Picture. We’ve always loved Ryan Hussey’s writings, and this time we are pleased to introduce his publication, The Bigger Picture.

From Ryan’s words:

We take personal life experiences and combine them with popular topics and current events to explore the deeper meaning of issues. By sharing the lessons we’ve learned through personal essays and opinion articles, we hope to connect to readers and make them think on another level. Our main goal is to start a conversation, encouraging deeper thought and questioning of the way things are.

And, from reading their publication, we sure had a conversation at The Coffeelicious. From our editors:

The smallest things, the inconsequential comments, the littlest of moments, they all come to mean so much. After all, it is the sum of all small things that make up The Bigger Picture. Each read in this publication leaves you with a tingle, and maybe a story to share — for these words touch the human core that is glad to be alive. And if that isn’t worth following, I don’t know what is.
-Akshay G

You know it’s good when you get a personal recommendation from an editor of a large publication such as Coffeelicious.

We read articles daily. How many of them are the right combination of personal elements and quality information? In “The Bigger Picture” we hear stories that combine the best of both worlds with a subtle sense of purpose running through them. You can read the complete range of stories covering Compassion, Bisexuality, Humor, Religion, Fiction, Gender Diversity, etc. They go perfectly with your morning coffee.
-Srinath Reddy

We editors read a lot of writing, some good, some bad, and along the way, we pick up on what really works.

As for myself, I love the genuine voices of The Bigger Picture. Their tagline, “Oddly Specific, Universally Applicable” speaks so much about what they are — genuine stories, both fiction and non-fiction, about a very specific case that illustrates a bigger picture of the world in a unique way. It’s definitely a publication worth following.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out stories from The Bigger Picture!

I cheated on my dog and wrote a story about it
His eyebrows raised the question. Letting me ascend the final step on the staircase, he investigated the scent of my clothes. Socks, pants, the sleeves of my shirt — he knew something was up.
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