Life Is…A Symphony of Silence

The hustle and bustle we surround ourselves with, are illusionary attempts to draw our attention away from the depth of life. Everything of importance is in essence, a silent melody — only experienced, not heard. Growth is silent. Seeds planted push out of the earth as silent shoots, growing into magnificent, leafy canopies. Flowers open stealthily. Evolution is silent. Deeper the lake, the more quiet it is. Ripples of tranquility anoint a watery carpet moving silently in the night. Similar to oceanic depths. A meditative mind is a calm and serene oasis.

The best ideas tiptoe to the forefront in times of silence, when the receding tide of turbulent thoughts allow them to materialize into coherence. In this world of relentless noise, silence is a precious commodity, seldom found. All conflicts and struggles of humankind that result from over-communication and ego-fueled arguments may be resolved to a large extent by harnessing the power of the unsaid. If people adopt silence, conversations that they might come to regret lifelong may not happen at all. And since the balm of quiet calms the mind, it would allow actions to be taken with deliberation instead of in the heat of the moment, driven only by untrameled emotion. Though considered unnatural in our daily lives, silence is a state of equilibrium, that should be adopted more so that the overheated, combative whine of busy minds can be replaced with cool contemplation.

Silence sings its own distinct song, evident in the undercurrents of Life, in the subtle movement of planets, in the thrum of the universe. Our own Earth revolves to this symphony. But the unfathomable depth of the music of silence is only apparent to the quiet intellect — an unmoving abyss undisturbed and free of thought. Only such a mind can comprehend the sounds of silence that reverberate in the universal void and in all its creations, from the tiniest pebble to the largest star system. Life itself is a vast and silent movie reel playing in slow motion, frame by frame, recording the story of humanity over millennia, for future civilizations. People will come and go, things will continue to change and evolve, like bold brush strokes on the masterpiece of life, but the silence that runs through the Cosmos, will remain eternal, a golden thread weaving through time and space.

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