How To Consume Coffee For Maximum Benefit

And how you’ll become more productive, while drinking less.

Chances are pretty high, that you’re consuming it wrong, but there is hope! Science has figured out how to consume coffee for maximum benefit.

Here are 5 easy steps:

Do not drink coffee before 10 am.

  • We’ve trained our bodies to expect a shot of caffeine. That’s the reason why we crave it immediately upon waking, but cortisol levels peak at three times during the day. The first one is after 10 am. This is the best time to drink your first coffee. The next one is between 5–6 pm!

Know how much caffeine you’re consuming.

  • Can of Cola: 44mg
  • Espresso Shot: 100mg
  • Brewed Coffee: 135mg
  • Coffee at Mc Donald’s: 140mg
  • Coffee at Starbucks: 165mg

About 400mg of caffeine per day is the right amount for most adults!

Take Coffee naps.

  • It’s been proven, that combining napping and drinking coffee is more effective than doing either alone! Therefore, try drinking a coffee and then take a short nap. Remember, that caffeine takes around 30 minutes to take effect. It will give you superpowers! Trust me.

Drink it after the learning event and not before.

  • Research suggests, that a 200mg dose of caffeine can boost memory, if you drink it after the learning event!

Have a cup of coffee one hour before you exercise.

  • Science proofed, that you’ll feel more motivated to exercise, as coffee increases the concentration of endorphins in the brain. Caffeine improves our endurance by using our fat as fuel and this effect can last up to many hours.

Caffeine also improves blood pressure, lowers the risk of a deadly form of prostate cancer, lowers the rate of depression among women and reduces the risk of suicide! Even though coffee in moderate amounts is good for you, drinking way too much of it can still be harmful. To make sure to preserve the health benefits, don’t put sugar in your coffee! If it tends to affect your sleep, then don’t drink it after 2pm.

“Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.” - Dale Carnegie

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